Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) Treatment

The amount of construction and demolition waste send to landfills is a growing problem that requires a comprehensive response by part of the processing actors, mainly construction and demolition companies, and above all public administrations.

ZB GROUP provides different solutions in the field of circular economy depending on the quantity and nature of the waste to be processed.

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ZB GROUP offers installations for the comprehensive treatment of both clean and dirty construction and demolition waste, with a commitment to revaluate and reuse 90% of the materials entering the plant, all with a low production cost.

Regarding the clean material, ZB GROUP through its hammermill shredder FZB guarantees a high coefficient of reduction of the concrete (100% from 0 to 60-80 mm) with materials up to 800 mm in size at the entrance, all in one single process (one pass) with no recirculation. In addition the hammermill shredder is the only one in the CDW recycling world market able to break the iron, of shearing the iron rod with diameters up to 30 mm. This helps getting a clean iron without concrete rest and shearing which implies a better market price than in any other way.

Regarding the dirty debris material, ZB GROUP has the only national technology capable of processing all mixed or loose materials that once classified and cleaned can be transformed into classified material suitable for its reuse. The FZB hammermill shredder crushes both stone and wood, asphalt, light scrap, ceramic and all mixed materials such as plastics, fabrics, aluminums, etc.

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