Ferrous scrap

Processable materials

For shredding and separating ferrous materials, ZB GROUP offers to the market compact solutions, which provide the investor with the fastest return on investment in the market.

ZB GROUP designs, manufactures and installs scrap recovery plants up to 100 MT/h, with machines up to 4000 HP.


Processable materials:

  • Steel cans
  • Light scrap
  • Bales
  • Car parts
  • Sheared cars
  • Entire cars
  • Electric motors
  • Engines
  • White line (appliances)


The new THOR series of self-propelled units, THOR 1521 K, THOR 1721 K and THOR 2121 K are the most advanced development of ZB GROUP.

Fixed solutions based on shredders, generally powered with an electric motor and with great capacity of processing, designed in a personalized way for each customer and served turnkey. The equipment also includes separation systems using magnetic technology, Eddy Current and optical and densimetric systems.

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