ZB GROUP Facilities (Errenteria)ZB GROUP Facilities (Errenteria)


ZB GROUP is based in the Basque Country (north of Spain), an environment of great industrial tradition with a strong presence of companies related to the metal sector.

The headquarters of ZB GROUP (54,000 sq ft) is composed of the central engineering of the group and the production and assembly facilities, located in Errenteria (Gipuzkoa) as well as the area dedicated to testing and demos of mobile hammermill units.

The facilities located in Madrid (12,000 sq ft) are equipped with offices and a warehouse for all types of spare parts.


ZB HymsaZB Hymsa


In addition, ZB GROUP  has processing facility for aggregates and concrete in the south of Spain, as well as dry quarries in Panama and Brazil.

ZB North AmericaZB North America

Due to the big interest the North American market has shown on ZB GROUP equipment (both mobile and fixed) , ZB GROUP has opened a subsidiary company named ZB North America C. Corp. based in Atlanta, Georgia, in order to be closer to the customers and to provide better after-sales service.

This subsidiary has ZB GROUP´s own permanent staff for the technical assistance of the teams, as well as a warehouse (in Alpharetta, GA) for the immediate delivery of spare parts.