Ferrous scrap treatment mobile units (PERIPHERIALS)

MAGNETIC SEPARATION UNIT: To achieve an optimum quality shredded ferrous scrap it is necessary to separate the shredded material into ferrous material and non ferrous material.


METALS SEPARATION UNIT: In order to separate the metals from the non ferrous shredded material (not attracted by the Magnetic Separation Unit) it is neccessary to include an Eddy Current Separator. So, the non ferrous shredded material will be separated in:
• Non ferrous shredded metals (Zorba)
• Fluff (rubber, plastic, etc.)

Once the non ferrous metals are separated it is possible to separate the shredded aluminium by means of densimetric table systems (based on density difference).

Finally it is also possible to separate the rest of the metals by means of X-ray separation devices, laser based separation devices, etc


Depending on the characteristics of the scrap to be processed, a cleaning process is required to achieve an optimum ferrous shredded scrap quality.

MANUAL SORTING: The manual sorting area, is a hand-picking area where workers pick up unwanted materials (such as rubber pieces, sponges, plastics, etc.) that may stick to the non ferrous shredded scrap.

HAMMERMILL SHREDDER DE-DUST SYSTEM: it is designed to reduce the dust generated by the shredding process. It mainly consists of a cyclone, a Venturi type wet scrubber and an air filtration system.

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